Hi, I'm J.D.
I help leaders drive business success through world-class execution.

[ My Story ]

For over 20 years, I’ve played a pivotal role in scaling businesses of all sizes, from founder-led startups to public companies, accelerating growth and profitability around the world. I have led nearly every corporate function, from sales and marketing to operations and product, and even HR.

Now, following a successful corporate career that includes two exits, I’m sharing my experience to help leaders master execution and propel their businesses to new heights.

[ My North Star ]

The bedrock of success is great execution.

Execution is about coupling a brilliant vision with a robust operating model and infusing people with the belief to transform strategy into reality. Great execution means building a culture rooted in excellence and trust.

I write about four topics that help leaders master execution and build a culture of peak performance.


Effective Leadership

Equipping leaders to connect their visions to actions that drive success, and to personally instill a culture of excellence.


Operational Excellence

Designing and aligning the company’s operating model and processes to effectively realize the strategic vision, ensuring that every action and decision propels the organization toward its performance objectives.


Team Dynamics

Elevating the interplay between leaders, managers, and employees that nurtures a growth-oriented, accountable, and collaborative workforce, enabling the team to achieve its full potential.


Purposeful Communication

Highlighting the strategic role of communication in execution, crucial for disseminating information, fostering shared understanding, and mobilizing the workforce towards common goals.

Faster growth.

Stronger performance.

More engaged team.

Bigger exit.

Made possible by great execution.

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