You Are Probably a Bad Manager

frustrated woman because of her bad manager

The data don’t lie. Too many of us are bad managers. And yet a single positive interaction with an employee can permanently boost engagement, combat “quiet quitting”, and forge genuine long-term trust, all of which make for better performance. None of this is rocket science. So why are employee engagement scores in the dumps? More importantly, what should we do about it?

Cupcakes Are Not Culture

the Cake Scene from Office Space

Few things have a greater impact on performance than company culture. And yet, too often companies resort to superficial (albeit fun and well-intended) activities like themed lunches as their sole efforts to build culture or express a commitment to diversity. This short, light-hearted look at the topic belies two important themes. One of them is that culture has a huge impact on performance. The other is that culture comes from the top. Both mean that it is essential for leaders to do more than fill their employees’ bellies with empty calories.